Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muriel Chambers

Muriel's parents owned and ran the Shady Cove bungalow tourist rest stop. Twelve units, each with its own shower and fresh towels. Muriel supplied the towels, made the beds and gave directions to the (few) attractions in the area. She delighted in seeing the young families and honeymooners who usually spent one, and sometimes two nights at Shady Cove.

However, as Muriel matured, it became clear the world was passing on by and she was standing still. Change came in the form of Arthur Marks, a salesman for John Deere. He was attending a farming convention and Shady Cove was convenient for his three day stay. Muriel and Arthur chatted a bit, and had dinner together on his last day of the convention. The convention was an annual affair, and for the next three years, Muriel and Arthur enjoyed each other's company, with Arthur actually getting his sales route changed to be able to see Muriel monthly. Mother and father died that third year, and Muriel inherited Shady Cove. Now she could never leave, but Arthur was tired of traveling and together they made the beds, supplied the towels and gave directions to the (few) attractions in the area.

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  1. I live and work in Shady Cove, its nice to learn a little more about its history and people.