Friday, November 13, 2009

Charlotte Manners

Charlotte "Lotte" Manners was two years younger than her sister Vivian. Unlike some families, the younger daughter wasn't the darling; Vivian held that title and didn't let Charlotte forget it. Vivian married Charles Edgar and Charles was perfect, not like Eddie, Lotte's high school beau and husband of three years. Charles worked in the local bank, a real up and comer. Eddie worked for Marleton Auto repair. But Eddie loved Lotte with all his heart and for her 26th birthday, used all the money he had saved to buy Lotte a Roto-Broil 400, the newest and best Rotisserie/Oven available. Lotte took this picture and sent it to her sister. Vivian received it the very day her husband was arrested for bank fraud.

Here is a special bonus image of a Roto-Broil 400 in action. Interesting true note: The Roto-Broil was invented and sold by Leon Klinghoffer and family. Leon died in 1985, during the Achille Lauro incident, when he was pushed overboard in his wheelchair.

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