Saturday, November 21, 2009

James "Jimmy" Ames

Jimmy Ames was teased throughout his school years because of his name. "James Ames, but always misses.", that was the constant taunt. And he did miss; classes, getting on the baseball and football teams, and friends. Jimmy didn't miss out on getting what he wanted though. He found it quite easy to lift whatever he wanted from the local five and dime, the candy store, and lockers of students who gave him a hard time.

Then he got his first car and was ready to move up to more lucrative pursuits, specifically the liquor store two towns over. Now no one calls him James Ames. For the next three years he is just number 4386, D Block. Note: this photo was taken three days before the bungled burglary. His father, Alton Ames, is number 1325, A Block.

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