Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lars Gilden

Lars Gilden, and indeed all of the farmers living and working around Poseyville, in southern Indiana, could sure use fifty dollars. 1931 wasn't a good year, and about the only thing to look forward to was the county fair because it got people from the neighboring towns and counties away from the land for three days. The flyer at Musselman's Feed and Grain was where Lars learned about the fifty dollar prize. "Unhitch Dobbin, hitch yourself up, and race your buggy to the fifty dollar first prize." For a full week Lars pulled his buggy up and down the road leading to the farm. It was fully loaded with his wife, Margaret, and his daughter, Stella. They spent the prize money on real curtains for the windows and a hat for Stella. The balance, $31.67, went in the rainy day jar.

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