Monday, December 21, 2009

Francine and Maria Torrini

Twins Francine and Maria did everything together. Unlike other twins, who are outwardly identical, but have their own personality quirks, the girls were singular in every way. They had the same thoughts, liked the same things, ate the same food, and had the same friends. This wasn't a problem...until they discovered boys. If Francine met a boy she liked, Maria liked him as well. They only way they dealt with the issue was to end the relationship. In 1951 the Torrini's moved to Cleveland and the girls began their senior year in a new high school.
It was there they met Mark and John Armato, identical twins in every way. A double wedding took place December 22, 1953.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Private James Alcott's Wife And Her Sister

When James Alcott finished his service in the big war, he spent in three years in the military hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. His wife, Lillian, and her sister Maggie, though knowing he was alive and would be returning home eventually, didn't really know what to expect. Then the letter came; "Home sometime on August 18." At 6 a.m., the sisters went out on the porch. A fliver came down the road at 3:25, stopped in front of the house and Private James Alcott was home. His guide dog led him up the path to the total joy he couldn't see, but felt with all his being.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Marcus Chilton

Marcus wasn't really a green thumb kind of guy. However a cousin came visiting and brought a small potted plant. Marcus thanked her and as soon as she left, he put it out on the fronts steps, figuring it wouldn't last long. Well, it survived for a couple weeks and Marcus felt a bit guilty, so he gave it some water, and then actually went and picked up another plant, just to balance the front steps. Marcus then became known as the crazy plant guy, and he was proud of it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jack and Julia

Both on the gymnastics squad at Clinton HS, Jack and Julia first joined a traveling circus in 1933 and were billed as the Jumping J's. They worked up an act that culminated with Jack climbing a high stack of barrels, falling down and (almost) breaking his crown, and Jill (Julia) tumbling after. Over the next five years they worked in six different circuses and three carnivals. The big break came in 1938, when traveling was getting a bit much, and they were looking to settle down. While attached to a circus that was performing just outside of Chicago, Jack saw a handbill for a $1000 dollar prize dance marathon. The money they won financed the J&J Cafe. Good food, a circus like atmosphere, and a waiter who could juggle plates.