Sunday, November 8, 2009

Charlie Martin

Charlie Miller hadn't ever seen a real professional baseball game, though some traveling teams did occasionally play at Hinkel Stadium two towns over. However, on clear nights he could hear the Cubs at 670 AM on the Atwater Kent dial, beamed from the 50,000 watt powerhouse, WMAQ. Charlie's actual baseball playing was limited to his mom, Frances, pitching the ball, Charlie hitting the ball, and Rusty fetching the ball and returning it to the ball pail. His mother kept track of his hits and misses, just like a real manager. Such was life in rural Ohio. The closest thing to a happy ending came when Charlie, at age 24, got married to Gail, and they honeymooned at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. The route to Elkhart Lake takes you right through Chicago, where they spent two nights, one at Wrigley Field, watching the Cubs beat the NY Giants.

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  1. what an imagination! I think Tommy was just finishing up gathering all his stuff and Mom came out to tell him to invite his friends over to listen to the radio and have jello.