Monday, February 15, 2010

Charlotte Watson

Her friends saw Charlotte Waston as happy and comfortable in her recently purchased home. Marty was back from the war, employed, and brought in enough that Charlotte didn't have to enter the workforce to make ends meet. Besides, in the late forties and early fifties two income families were not common. However, Charlotte was not quite what she seemed. The picture above is indicative of her situation, a vacuum cleaner behind the chair, a bottle of beer next to it, and a proper white dress to entertain her female neighbors. One Saturday afternoon in June, Charlotte disappeared. Two weeks later she was found, sitting in a train station, crying, disheveled, and despondent. She spent the next six months being treated with the newly developed Miltown tranquilizer. Another year later Marty and Charlotte had a child and Charlotte found baby Lucille was the therapy she needed. The Watson's lived to see their grandchildren born.