Monday, January 4, 2010

Arthur Floyd

Coach Gilliland was so frustrated after the team lost in the regional finals, he took the team picture out of the frame on his wall and threw it into his wastebasket. Not the best example to set for the squad. However, Arthur, one of the team's guards and the record keeper, went into coach's office and retrieved it. The following year, while the team was on a travel bus to play rival Edgerton High, a tire blew and coach and three of the boys died. Arthur kept the picture as best he could, but it wasn't easy, what with his riding the rails looking for work. It went from knapsack to grip to small suitcase, but survived to be framed on Arthur's wall when finally got steady work as an assistant gym teacher in Albany, NY.

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  1. Arthur made copies to give to other members if they showed up at the 40th class reunion in 1965.