Monday, December 21, 2009

Francine and Maria Torrini

Twins Francine and Maria did everything together. Unlike other twins, who are outwardly identical, but have their own personality quirks, the girls were singular in every way. They had the same thoughts, liked the same things, ate the same food, and had the same friends. This wasn't a problem...until they discovered boys. If Francine met a boy she liked, Maria liked him as well. They only way they dealt with the issue was to end the relationship. In 1951 the Torrini's moved to Cleveland and the girls began their senior year in a new high school.
It was there they met Mark and John Armato, identical twins in every way. A double wedding took place December 22, 1953.

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  1. The following September Francine and Maria both delivered their first child. Francine had a daughter and Maria a son. The curse was broken.